Mofer Solar wherever the sun shines

Mofer solar is a company dedicated to the integrated development of solar panel fields and the fabrication of metal structures with over 10 years experience in the sector.  It is considered to be a pioneer in its field of operations having successfully completed a number of plants throughout Spain.  Our operations range is international only dependent on our ability to access the site and sunshine.

We have a team of over 70 experienced professionals with the capacity to work in some of the most adverse and difficult conditions.  This in addition to the continuous investment in the most advanced technology has resulted in a company able to deliver on time and within budget.  To date 100% of our contracted projects.  We have a full commitment to sustainable growth alongside the development of clean and environmentally responsible energy sources such as solar power.  We are happy to boast that for every Kw generated from solar farms of our construction we have prevented the emission of 1 kilo of CO2.

We are capable of erecting up to 100 MW and in addition can provide an integrated logistical solution including all the infrastructure necessary for the completion of our projects; storage facilities, transport, washroom facilities, offices, security, etc.

We await your confidence in us and our ability to work together towards a cleaner world for the future.